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Webdevelopers! Utilize these free Webmaster links & resources

WebDevelopers and Webmasters, you need tools, links and resources that will help to make your lives a lot more simple - you need free resources that you can easily add to your web site(s), you need good places to interact with sensible and knowledgable peers, you need good tips and tricks to help you overcome the numerous HTML and web site bumps that you're likely to face day in day out. Hopefully the progressive and ambitious Webdevelopers that happen across this page will take the time to visit a few of the links that we've detailed for you below.

Best Casino Partners
As outlined in our "earn income" section, the Casino Blasters affiliate program is one of the best online casino affiliate programs available today. It has set a fairly hard pace for other casino affiliate programs to follow, with CPA and revenue sharing deals that exceed other similar programs. Don't waste any more time, check it out for yourself!

FirstLight.Ca - Excellent place to get both rights protected and royalty free photos for your site

Get free games
- Gameinacan.Com offers great free casino-themed games for webmasters to use on their sites. You can even have your game window customized to match the colour, theme and stylesheet settings of your site.

HTML Checker - Check the syntax of your HTML code.

Obfuscate your email
Prevent spammers from using email gathering robots to 'harvest' your email address of your site. Obfuscate your email address - the form on this page takes an email address and converts it into the hex code for each character. This distorts how your email address will appear if you view the code (as a robot/harvester would), but it works fine when you click it and otherwise.

Search Engine World
By Webmasters and for Webmasters and WebDevelopers, it offers good search engine optimization news tips and information.

Webmaster World
Quite possibly the best WebDeveloper resource on the web today. It's message boards are a good place for newbies to quietly observe and learn and even to ask a few questions.

Choice Affiliate Programs
If you're a little shaky on the subject of affiliate programs, browse through this site to get a better insight. Find out what works and what doesn't.

New Slots Games

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Slot Tip:
Casinos don't hide or move their best slot machines around because the are affraid of someone finding them. The casino want these machines to be played because the more they are played the more other machines are played and the more money a casino can make.


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