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From the very first time that I surfed the Internet, I schemed and planned and tried (and failed at times) to come up with ways to earn extra income using the Web. I've got quite a few years of 'trying' and experience and now I feel that I've reached the point where I am finally being successful and making that extra money.

Very early on I realized that the most effective way to earn easy money online was to be a 'referrer'. Meaning, rather than try to sell something myself, and worry about shipping goods and complaining customers, I would instead act as a funnel, channeling potential customers and clients to merchants who would in turn pay me a commission for sending business their way.

I also realized very early on that typical retailer affiliate programs that have you trying to send customers buying books, CDs and such, could not pay me well enough to earn the extra income I desired. For the most part, the referrer quotas required to make good percentages were ridiculously high. Then, I discovered online casino affiliate programs and I haven't looked back since!

The most profitable affiliate market area on the Web today is undoubtedly online casino affiliate programs. The percentages they offer (typically 30%) are way higher than the 2.5% to 15% most retailer affiliate programs offer. The real kicker though is not in these percentage differences, it lies in the fact that when you refer a player to a casino, that player is 'yours' for life. Meaning, if the player stays at the casino for the next ten years, you will be collecting a commission on whatever the casino earns off that player for the whole ten years!

The Best Casino Partners Affiliate Program is undoubtedly one of the best in the Industry today. Webmasters can earn commission of 30% on players sent. The Best Casino Partners program currently covers a number of Vegas Technology casinos including Golden Casino and Online Vegas casinos. Choose from two types of programs:

  1. Revenue-Share Program - paying 30% of the casino gross revenue generated by your referred players for their entire player lifetime.

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